Anyone Paying Attention?

Anyone with a functional cerebrum knows that we have a problem in this country and consequently in this world. We have a ruling class who will sell themselves out to anything and anyone in order to maintain what they believe is their control of events. They do not in fact control events any more than the barbarians who destroyed Rome controlled its empire. Their actions generate what are known as unintended (one would hope) consequences. Destruction of our very way of life may well be the result and that is far from control.

Many of them whore themselves to a political correctness that equates a religious philosophy based on irrationality, hatred, intolerance, violence and murder with some mis-guided multi-cultural-ism. They will find themselves on the receiving end of well deserved contempt and condemnation from those whose birthright they threw away while corporate welfare on the right and union boss welfare on the left eat out the substance of those in the middle, fooling them with smoke, mirrors and illusions no more real than those of Las Vegas Magicians. The political performers distract the audience with “fight the evil doers over there”, religious agendas, nuclear enemies, trumped up social injustice and apocalyptic pseudo-science, a war on people which they call a war on drugs, a divide and conquer war on immigrants, each pretending to point out the mote in the others’ eye while the poor rubes in the middle throw away their liberties like hamburger wrappers.

They believe they can support themselves by standing on the backs of others; that their positions of power can be enhanced by squeezing their hosts and demonizing or pandering to minorities (depending on which side of the coin they flip). They can not or will not realize the destructive nature of their agenda until their hosts have been bled to the point where they no longer have the incentive to produce. Then they’ll have to start eating each other.

The primary tumor, the first cause, the tool that let them into our home, the rat that carries the disease vector into every segment of our society and economy, the wound in our skin which let in the black plague that threatens the well-being of both host and parasite alike is central control of the money supply. They manage it by telling us that society is too complex now for our primitive brains, the constitution is out of date, liberty is too dangerous and minding our own damn business is loony. They suck us dry and we don’t even know what happened.

Neither thief nor victim seems to be aware of where it’s taking us and only one man in the political arena has championed the cause of sound money, our liberty and the prosperity of our country and that of the world, all of which depend upon our understanding and fixing it.

If I have mention his name, then you’re really asleep.

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  1. samn3s says:


    Is this really you? OMG! I love your intellect and amazing literary skills? However? I disagree with you most emphatically!

    I am a staunch Mr. Obama Supporter!

    And I pray he gets a second term!

    Sam Judie in Henderson, Nevada

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