Good Dog!

Due to an allergy problem, I’ve never been able to have a dog, but I’ve known a couple I really liked and I have seen and read how dogs are trained. Being kind of a dog myself, I can confirm that if you want a dog to do something, you reward that something when he does it. If you don’t want a behavior repeated, you ignore or more likely punish that behavior in some way.
For instance: if you don’t want someone to go into or to stay in business, you pile on fees, forms and fines; burden the owner with futa, fica, suta, SIIS, EPA and OSHA; licenses and permits, legal threats and taxes. You make him responsible for all manner of things and remove any authority he has to implement them. You tax his inventory, tax his tools, tax his assets and pile on rules. Oh, and then just for good measure, you make him out to be the cause of all social injustice and “inequality”.
BINGO! Good dog does what his massa say and goes out of business, putting his former employees on the dole, making them beholden to the government.
I’m a good dog, ain’t I?

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  1. letxmmotheatpo1989 says:

    _, I don??™t know If I said it already but this so good stuff keep up the good work.

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