None of Their Damn Business

I inadvertently heard a so-called “news” story yesterday on the exposure of a prostitution “ring” in Maine where people’s lives are being ruined and it really set me off.

I know, met or have seen countless individuals who by virtue of personality or appearance would go their entire lives without sex were it not for the opportunity to buy it.

People who whore and pimp their way into power and then steal from us to pay for the enforcement of  “laws” they make against which our bill of rights should have protected us (not the least of which is what to do with our bodies) should be shown up and shut down for what they practice: cruel hypocrisy. They remove the rule of law, the protection of contract enforcement and the rights to self defense and litigation from people engaging in activities for which they have a natural right and they do it to enhance their own egos, power and pocketbooks.

Why are not women’s right groups working for the rights of prostitutes, people who harm no one?

Whose damn business is it whether a women gets dinner or the money to either buy it or to buy a dress or pay the rent?

The same idiots who rail against it seem to see nothing wrong with stealing from all of us to pay themselves to prosecute and imprison people who do it.

There are many things that I don’t like which are none of my business. Well they’re none of yours or the government’s either and prostitution is one of them.

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