Cruelty? To whom?

So now Nevada is going to saddle some poor fools with felony convictions on the first offense for cruelty to animals.  But which animals?  Well, everyone agrees about dogs and cats, right?  How about pigeons and cock-roaches and rattlesnakes?  And what’s cruelty?  Neutering?  Keeping them on a leash?  Stepping on a bug?  And then there are worms on hooks and what about innocent bacteria, mold and viruses just trying to make a living?  Hookworms and malarial parasites are animals too, just looking for a home.  Just who is going to decide who goes to jail and loses everything: a politician, a DA (same thing), a cop?  Better know where they decided to draw the line beforehand.  Of course you could use your imagination or gawd forbid, common sense, for all the good it’ll do.  Once again, it’s all about power, their power to shoot people down like dogs at their discretion (they retain that “right”) and lose the video, beat them senseless, assault, intimidate, impoverish and imprison them for their own protection or in the service of some social mandate.  Oh, and did I mention to maintain the ubiquitous status of hero as they smash down your door without need of a warrant?  Better not have a gun in your hand when they come through the door of your home.  In a free country likes ours, the government is free to do whatever it decides it has a right to do.

All government power comes through the barrel of a gun.  Anything they give you, they stole from the owner.  Anything they impose on you is by way of threatened violence.  Any decision they make is purely on the basis of expanding their power by catering to the opinion of one group or another.  What is so damn hard about understanding this?

Just as water will eventually wear down a rock, so too will the nannies, micro-managers, feel gooders and tyrants eventually wear down those who though they supposedly aspire to the ideals of freedom do not understand what’s happening and do nothing in response to incessant attacks.  The “idealists” among us will impose their “ideals” by political means and enforce them with the ultimate weapon: the state and its police power.  But it doesn’t matter what a need, desire, opinion or ideal is!  If it is met it by stealing from someone, slamming someone into prison, fining or shooting them, then it should be exposed, condemned and resisted.

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